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Sand Tower






Performer: Yu-Wei He


We are so numb, waiting to bury ourselves under this uncomfortable condition.


Sand Tower is an interactive performance. I designed two ways of viewing. In one way, the audience can go on the stage as participants and look in from the top. When the audience goes up to the stage, the corresponding position will start pouring sand, burying the central area. The surrounding audience will see it as if the participants on the stage are part of the work, thus create second way of viewing. 

This performance that surrounds and affects the central performer involves this work with an education method that I have observed and perceived. Students growing up in Taiwan receive cramming training, in which they are only blindly instilled with information. This way of studying even proceed to higher education, so that the new generation has gradually lost the ability to think and make independently in the course of growing up.

In the choice of material, I chose cement sand, a kind of material used in architecture. Cement building is the most common architecture in our country. In this era surrounded by high-rise buildings, I use this image as a metaphor for the visual embodiment of the performance.





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