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Stir Up






Performer: Yu-Wei He


In this work, Use the emotion generated by the work to infect and even incite the behavior of the audience, slowly affect their mood and gradually turn the current atmosphere weird. I also set up different role position or feeling from the beginning to stir up the emotion. 



Transcript of the performance: 

In this performance, I put a role to lead me to keep walking forward. There was no other instruction and emotion, but only a single action. As long as my blindfold was taken off, the performance would stop. However, the instruction to the audience was that they could do whatever they want and see the performance from any angle. In the beginning, the audience started from frolicking, such as placing flowers on my head, pulling out my earrings, and taking off my clothes, but later they slowly turned serious. In the middle of the performance, the audience began protecting me from harm and even snatched the right to manipulate the rope. It was evident that the conflict between the audience and the character was slowly formed and also became a little out of control until finally, it turned out to be a riot. The show ended up with jostling at last.

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