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The Choice of Initiative




Three channel videos


Performer: Yu-Wei He


        在畫面中簡單的呈現著兩種不同形式的意象 —— 被限制住的以及可以自由行動的身體,在這件作品中,探討著思緒以及身體之間的矛盾,在可以自由行動的情形下,大腦卻思索著要怎麼進行下一步反而使手腳的運行彆扭了起來,反觀,被繩子綁住並操控下的身體,腦中卻顯得輕鬆,放下所有的思考,單純的感知身體的擺盪,在當下就像是一場演出,將思緒沈浸在身體的感受下,只需放鬆並完成一切的指示以及擺盪。


Two different sets of images are shown on the screens: the restricted body and the body that can move freely. This work discusses the contradiction between the mind and the body. In the case of free body, the brain is trapped in thinking about moving onto the next step, which generates awkward hand and feet movements. In the opposite case, though the body is tied and controlled by a rope, the brain is relaxed, let go of all thoughts and simply feel the swinging. At this moment, it is just like a performance in which we immerse ourselves in the reflections of body feelings. All we have to do is to relax, complete all the instructions, and swing. 

In the three-channel videos, two pictures with free movement on either side will fade out and fade in without a fixed schedule to cut off the trajectory of the body. It is to show that the work of the mind creates awkward behaviors. However, the middle picture is always there; the body keeps swinging peacefully and naturally without interruption or disturbance.

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