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The Tower I






Performer: Yu-Wei He




In this work, I constantly surround myself with plastic material. The internal air slowly becomes thin and muggy, creating an uncomfortable feeling. It is a metaphor for the current social and biological environment where it is difficult to breathe or even unable to breathe. However, outside the plastic tower that surrounds me, there is an untouchable but visible line that seems to be saying, even if we walk out of the tower, there is still no escape from this reality. 

In form, the viewer can walk around the tower and watch the restricted area existing in this space. But at the same time, when the door is closed, the audience will transform from simple viewers into participants being watched and surrounded by red spray paint. This invisible boundary restricts the audience in an unconscious situation; this work uses this method to convey the idea that in life, many of the problems that surround us are invisible and undetectable.

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